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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Exciting Times

Ben and I are in the process of building a house. It is so much fun! When we aren't at work we are usually at the new house hanging out and discussing the million large and small decisions that need to be made during house construction. The house is framed, the electricians are done, the brick masons are almost done, and roofers and siding crew are coming very soon. There is a lot more to do but at least I can finally see it all coming together. While we were out there tonight, it was extra beautiful and I took this picture while sitting on our porch. I look forward to many, many more nights sitting on the porch admiring the view, especially after we move all our stuff over there. Some other very exciting news going on in my life is my brother and his wife are expecting TWINS, like any minute (she is 37 weeks). I will surely be posting pictures of them as soon as they grace us with their presence. All I have to look at now is this pic of them at 17 weeks. I love you guys!!!