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Monday, June 22, 2009


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On May 3, I graduated with my Masters Degree of Science in Nursing. I took my certification exam through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners on June 20th, and PASSED! I can now add NP-C to the end of my signature which means Nurse Practitioner-Certified. I started a job at a local clinic May 6th, but was let go due to issues not related to my performance on June 22. I am currently waiting to start a job in the local emergency department. Currently, I am working part-time at my Registered Nursing job at a Hyperbaric and Wound Treatment Center. I have been there for almost 3 years and love it. I am very glad to still have that job and not just be sitting at home just waiting to start practicing as a NP. Thankfully, I have a great boss. It has been a busy summer, and I am SO glad to be done with school.